Watch all the videos - TEDxPlymouth University 2018 'The Spirit of Discovery' event

The recent TEDxPlymouthUniversity 2018 - 'Spirit of Discovery' event videos are now ready to view, including a talk on Extra-Terrestrial Fieldwork by University of Plymouth's very own speaker Dr Natasha Stephen.

TEDxPlymouthUniversity 2018, ‘The Spirit of Discovery’

1st February 2018

TEDxPlymouthUniversity’s ‘The Spirit of Discovery’ brings together the best of what Plymouth has to offer now and for the future. From entrepreneurs to explorers, philosophers to physicists, it brings people together to discover new ideas and forge lasting connections.

Dr Natasha Stephen, University of Plymouth

Speakers: TEDxPlymouthUniversity 2018

  • Alexis Kirke - Composing Across Parallel Universes
  • Belinda Seaward - How Horses Help Humans To Heal
  • Mike McCulloch - How Quantised Inertia Gets Rid Of Dark Matter
  • Mark Briffa - What Can Animals Tell Us About War?
  • Alison Bacon - The Light And Dark Of Emotional Intelligence
  • Natasha Stephen - Extra-Terrestrial Fieldwork: Adventures Of An Earth-Bound Astronaut
  • Louise Firth - Eco-Engineering Earth: Is there Space For Nature In The Anthropocene?
  • Eloise Malone - Wise Children: Sustainable Campaigning For Social Good
  • Poorna Gunasekera - The legacy Of Self-Discovery

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