Off the Lip 2017 brings research and industry together for an exploration of innovation

Local business people, entrepreneurs and interested members of the public are invited to talks by Dr Joel Pearson who will be visiting the University of Plymouth from University New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

Dr Joel Pearson, Head of the Science of Innovation Lab in Sydney, joins the University of Plymouth for a three day event. Two keynote addresses will be delivered focusing on art, science, and the human mind. As an entrepreneur, founder, and managing director, Dr Pearson will place this research in an applied context, bridging the gap between science and industry.

Keynote A: Weekend discovery: art, science and the human mind

16 August 2017, 2-3pm, University of Plymouth Link Building, 3rd floor

From the art room to the science lab, how to maximise discovery using a agile science framework to measure and understand the human mind. Agile Science or lean startup for science is a methodology to practising and reporting scientific discoveries. Instead of waiting for accidental discoveries, this iterative method fosters breakthroughs. Agile techniques have revolutionised the way industries work and is a well known secret behind the success of many global players as well as smaller start ups. In this talk Joel Pearson draws from his experience as an consultant for many start ups in Australia and around the world, his background as an artist and scientist, and the lessons he learned as a founder and director of research labs and companies.

Keynote B: The cognitive neuroscience of Innovation

17 August 2017, 2-3pm, University of Plymouth Link Building, 3rd floor

What is the Science of Innovation Lab? What we are doing and why? Here Joel will go over the basics of a cognitive neuroscience perspective of Innovation and how to apply this in the wild.

For more details of the talks and to register please go to the following page.