Great British Business - Collaboration is Key

The Business is GREAT Britain campaign offers support, advice and inspiration for growing your business. Can Universities like the University of Plymouth give businesses a fair wind? Check it out!

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Collaboration is key when it comes to the University of Plymouth’s approach to solving business challenges. It brings together the brightest minds and the best ideas to the SME community to achieve real-world changes.

Why would SMEs work with higher educational institutions? The UK faces huge challenges and competition with the likes of China and India embracing innovation and investing hugely in new technologies, therefore it is more important than ever that Higher Education institutions become the drivers of economic growth. Having said that, how does a small business access the talent pool, expertise and research facilities of a university.

According to Adrian Dawson, Director of Research and Innovation at the University of Plymouth, “The role of universities will become even more important if we are to tackle some of the pressing global challenges of the day. In particular, Plymouth works in collaboration with SMEs on social, economic and environmental challenges that require innovative R&D solutions such as smart and clean energy, robotics and AI, healthcare and medicine, and manufacturing processes and materials of the future.

The university seeks to address these challenges through Enterprise Solutions, a service founded to act as a portal through which businesses can access the university’s internationally renowned research expertise, facilities and business services. A dedicated team that links the businesses’ needs to the very best services available within the university and its network of partners.

Excited growing business Langage Farm shares some of its highlights in working with the university. Adrian Dawson and a selection of academics talk about the role of the University of Plymouth in forging strong relationships with SME businesses.