Futures Entrepreneurship Centre International Week

Advancing research in responsible entrepreneurship, enabling new collaborations and supporting small businesses in the South West

The Futures Entrepreneurship Centre in the Plymouth Business School holds its inaugural International Week to advance research in responsible entrepreneurship, enable new collaborations and support small businesses in the South West.

Responsible entrepreneurship is the future of entrepreneurship. Join University of Plymouth for three days of lectures, presentations and workshops looking at entrepreneurship on an international scale.

Aimed at academics, researchers, both established and early career, postgraduate students and anybody with an interest in the theories and practices of entrepreneurship, themes will include Social Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, Internationalisation and Sustainability. This event opens a new annual route at Futures of gathering research expertise and practical business experience from different countries under a distinctive theme each year.

The 2017 theme - Responsible Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development - delineates the scope of academic and business interest in the triple bottom line in business making of the 21st century: people, planet and profit.

Committing to the triple bottom line and taking responsibility for the effects of business making is what Futures promotes through its activities, from research, education to business collaborations and mentoring.

During the International Week, researchers, businesses and students will connect through a series of academic presentations, practical workshops and methods demonstrations taking place in different venues at University of Plymouth and on the Barbican. Academic experts from different countries will share their findings with entrepreneurs and students, thus opening a common platform for knowledge exchange and networking.

Alongside Plymouth Business School experts, this year the guest speakers are coming from Germany, Poland, Hungary and China.