Recruiting Our Students and Graduates

What are the options?

Organisations can advertise vacancies with the Careers and Employability Service at Plymouth University. The options which are supported by the service are:

  • Part-time, local roles which will fit around current students' studies. These can provide experience specific to certain courses or can simply be opportunities for a student to make money whilst they study, for example in a shop or bar.

  • Short-term internships which a student or graduate could take advantage of during the summer months between study.

  • Placements which satisfy the requirements for a year in industry, as part of a students' course. Many students have a placement year embedded in their curriculum between their second and final year of study. These are specific to their course and help students gain valuable experience over 24 – 48 weeks. The length of time varies depending on their course, this can be can be checked with the Placements Team.

  • Graduate opportunities can be advertised too, these are entry level roles suitable for a graduate to join your organisation after studying for a Bachelors or Masters qualification. As with any role these may be fixed term or permanent roles with appropriate renumeration for the candidate.

How does it work?

If you would like to raise awareness of a part-time job, internship or graduate role then you can send the Careers Service your promotional text, images or documents and it can be shared this with our students via targeted email, social media and the online jobs board.

Visit the dedicated website to find out more.

If you would like to recruit a placement student the key time for recruitment is November – March. The start date for shorter work placements is flexible but for full year placements students need to begin work before September in the same year. There is no cost aside from the salary you agree with the student and there is no charge for using the Placement Service.

The best way to find out more information is to speak with one of the experienced Placement & Employer Liaison Advisers who can talk you through the process for the courses you are interested in recruiting from.

What is the benefit to businesses?

  • Students can bring fresh and innovative ideas to your business as well as knowledge from their research informed teaching

  • Students can provide you with essential additional skills and resource, helping you tackle key business projects

  • A student can bring enthusiasm and a new dynamic to your team

  • Future talent stream – how about bringing them back on a graduate programme?

  • Support from members of the Careers & Employability Service and access to the wider university to find solutions for recruitment, research and development and innovation based issues.

“Being involved in such creative and well attended careers events such as the ‘FLUX’ and ‘HotSeat’ competitions has played a big role in supporting both students and our team in hiring for several of our UK offices. We equally enjoy meeting students at the various skills sessions we run on campus, where students can gain greater knowledge of our recruitment process and learn how to succeed in key assessments such as psychometric testing and competency based interviews. Undoubtedly, we have a strong working relationship with Plymouth University and look forward to recruiting many more talented individuals in the years to come.”

Scarlett Seager, West & Wales Student Recruitment Manager at PwC

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about accessing business support from the University, get in touch with Enterprise Solutions at Plymouth University on or call 0800 052 5600.