Plymouth University Media Arts

What is PUMA?

PUMA is the media enterprise hub in the School of Art and Media, producing high quality creative audio visual and other media works by students, alumni, graduate start-ups and staff. PUMA was set-up in 2013 as a pilot ‘Enterprise Hubd' within the School of Art and Media, operating outside of the taught curriculum and engaging with both undergraduate students and recent graduates on live projects which would enable them to hone their skills whilst gaining valuable experience of professional practice. PUMA generates a profit from its work, which covers the cost of its human and physical resources, with surplus profits being re-invested both in equipment.

What does it offer to businesses?

  • High quality advertisements, short films and documentaries for a wide range of clients

  • An opportunity to work directly with talented students and graduates, supporting their development and work experience.

  • Innovative and fresh thinking from the University's Media Arts programmes

  • Competitive pricing

How can I find out more?

For more information and examples of past projects you can visit PUMA’s website. For a discussion around potential projects or quotes, please contact PUMA directly via