Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP)

Who’s it for?

Most businesses are eligible for a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) as long as they can show that the scheme would transform their organisation and boost the research credentials of the University of Plymouth.

What does it offer to businesses?

  • Bring the skills and knowledge of Plymouth University graduates into the work place to deliver tailored projects aimed to innovate and transform a business.

  • A recently qualified graduate/post graduate working full time as a KTP Associate.

  • The University of Plymouth's wealth of academic knowledge, advice and guidance.

  • An average increase in pre-tax profit of £600k per annum for the three years following completion of a KTP project.

  • A potential new employee - 64% of KTP Associates are offered a permanent job in the company when the project is completed.

How does it work?

  • KTP is a UK-wide programme that has been running for 40 years

  • A KTP Specialist Advisor from the University of Plymouth can help a business to define a project idea as well as prepare and submit their grant application.

  • The KTP would be supervised by Plymouth University throughout the partnership.

  • Each project must be strategic in its aim and run from between 12 and 36 months.

  • KTPs are funded by a KTP grant and monthly contributions from the partnering businesses.

  • KTPs cost on average, £70k per year with SMEs contributing on average £23k and large organisations £35k – the rest is funded by the KTP grant.

How do businesses take part?

To find out more about how KTP can support your organisation, contact the Enterprise Solutions Team on 0800 052 5600 or email