Employer Mentoring Programme

Employer Mentoring Programme - linking an industry professional to act as a mentor to our students

What does the programme involve?

The Employer Mentoring Programme is organised for University of Plymouth students to link them to an industry professional who will act as their mentor, promote diversity in the workplace and to raise career aspirations and achievement. The programme offers students the opportunity to meet with an experienced professional relevant to the student’s career aspirations, who will mentor them over a six month period.

The Careers and Employability Service are always looking for enthusiastic mentors who would like to take part in this mutually beneficial programme. They accept applicants from any job position in any industry, and previous mentoring experience is not necessary. Full training is given prior to mentors meeting their student mentee, and support is available from University staff along the way.

What does it offer to businesses?

Mentoring undergraduate students at a local university is a rewarding experience. In addition to working with someone who is hoping to gain an insight into your career area, you will have the opportunity to:

  • develop your coaching skills
  • refresh your own view of work
  • develop undergraduates’ interest in your sector and your organisation
  • develop your reflective learning
  • act as a positive role model
  • increase your awareness of diversity issues

How does it work?

The Employer Mentoring Programme takes place from October to April every year. Once enrolled in the programme, students and industry professionals will be required to:

  • Attend an introductory training session in October
  • Commit to a minimum of six meetings, these are flexible, and are arranged around the student’s and mentee’s schedule. Meetings take place once a month and last for one hour. They can be conducted face to face or via email, phone, Skype etc.
  • Students are expected to be proactive in organising the meetings, liaising with the professional to find a mutually convenient time and location.
  • Both student and mentor complete a Monthly Meetings Feedback Sheet after each meeting so the supervisory team are able to follow your progress
  • An Employer Mentoring Celebration Event concludes the programme in April. This inspiring event brings students and mentors together to celebrate achievements and share experiences and feedback.

How can I become an employer mentor?

If this opportunity would be of interest to you or one of your colleagues, please fill out the online mentor application form or contact one of our team for further information contact

mentoring.careers@plymouth.ac.uk / +44 (0)800 052 5600